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Lady mourns soldier brother who was allegedly murdered by colleague one year after his wedding

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Mairam Ashemi has taken to Twitter to mourn the death of a Nigerian soldier who was allegedly murdered by colleague at the war front.

According to Mairam, the late soldier who was a promising officer prior to his death was gruesomely murdered by colleague exactly one year after he tied the knot with fiancee.

“Innalillahi wa Inna illahil rajiun, today our brother was gruesomely murdered in Bama, Borno State, got married exactly this time last year,was a young and promising officer.

Lt B.S Ngorgi was said to have been murdered by his colleague at the front war this afternoon,his elder brother Major Ngorgi also died in active service of recent.May the perpetrator of this henious act never find peace.”


— Mairam Ashemi

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      In the video, the insurgents said the humanitarian workers were “working for unbelievers who don’t care about them.”Their message read:
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