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wife exposes mechanic who wanted to take advantage of her

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The other time wey we write to caution some married women for the town, somebody con make one comment say make we also caution some boys and men wey their eyes always dey gauge married women. We take that to heart and promise to address their issue.

Just as we dey try to wan write about dem, nai this report hit us for studio, about one young boy wey be Generator Repairer wey wan doke person wife, and as a level of discipline on the woman part, she nor fall for the boy as na the boy con fall enter the trap because the woman dey show her husband all the useless chats wey the boy dey chat with am.

The boy name na Henry, and him na Generator Repairer, The woman na married woman with two Children, and her husband nor dey stay town, but her Sister and her Husband Sister dey follow her stay for Eseoghene Street for Shell Road. This boy don dey repair the woman Generator for over a year now, and the woman husband know also as generator repairer because he still dey come dey repair the generator if the man dey around. But recently this guy con go repair the generator wey the man travel, but he nor do the Gen well, sote He con dey do the Gen make he worst, so that the woman go fit call am again base on say he know say the woman husband don travel.

To cut long story short, this Generator repairer wan con take advantage of the fact say the woman husband nor dey, he con dey toast the woman through chats and send erotic messages to her. To the amazement of the woman, she con suprise and decided to inform her husband as she tell her husband say weytin dey happen and the husband request her to forward the screenshots of messages wey the boy dey send give am. The husband con tell the woman to play along and set trap for the boy.

The boy con dey talk say he wan fuck the woman say make she shave well. He say make the woman make sure say she do her baby to sleep, so that the fuck go sweet well well without disturbance. He also say na the other room dem go use say make dem nor use the Husband room. In all of these, the woman dey copy the chat dey send to her husband.

So, the day wey the idiot wan fuck the woman con reach, Mainwhile the woman don arrange he Husband Brothers for the room. The idiot con really come as he "karbo" (sit-down) for chair. He con ask the woman say why he nor do the Baby make she sleep na, abi she nor go disturb? Nai the woman con respond say she nor go disturb.

Naso the Mumu con follow the woman enta the Children room, as he pull remain boxers, nai the woman husband brothers burst enta the room and catch am wella. Dem beat nonsense commot for he body and also video am and snap am pix.

Sapele, this nor be say I wan spoil the boy handwork but we dey use this post to caution am make other married pipo wey dey call dis boy to con service their Generator, make dem dey careful. Before he get this heart, na only God nai know weda he dey doke people wife since.

Attached to this update na evidence of all the chats, the pictures and videos.

How unu see this matter???

























Source: Sapele Oghenek

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