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Scientists Ask people To forestall Hugging & Kissing As They caution lovers ahead Of Valentine’s Day To prevent The unfold Of Coronavirus

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Some scientists have issued a warning as we gear towards Valentine’s Day. In their warning he has asked people to avoid hugging and kissing ahead of Valentine’s Day as they believe this will minimize the spread of coronavirus.



A professor from Queen Mary University, Professor John Oxford, said people could protect themselves from the deadly virus by employing a bit of ‘British standoffishness’.

He also described the illness as a ‘social virus’ that could infect people by close contact and want people to cut contact off.

He made this known while speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. He reportedly said;

“I think we have to galvanize ourselves in our social actions – how we interact with people I think that is extremely important; more so than wearing a mask. I think that’s a total diversion.

What we need to do is less of the handshaking, hugging, kissing, that sort of thing, because this virus looks like its spread by ordinary tidal breathing, not necessarily colds and coughing.”

Another Professor Neil Ferguson, from Imperial College London, also stated in a statement that about 60% of the entire population could become infected. In his submission with The Telegraph he said;

“Surveillance has started in hospitals across the UK of pneumonia cases, that will give us a proper picture.

Our best estimate is that transmission in the UK will get going in the next few weeks; unless we are very lucky probably peaking two to three months after that.

If it truly establishes itself in terms of true person to person transmission it will behave like a flu pandemic may be up to 60 per cent of the population being affected but most of those people having very mild symptoms.”

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      The two suspected cases of the novel coronavirus in Ghana have tested negative at the Noguchi Memorial Institute, according to the Chief Executive Officer of the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, Dr. Daniel Asare.

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      WHO officials have said 24 countries, encompassing most of Africa’s population, will receive the material needed to conduct the tests by the end of the week.
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