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UBEC past questions and Answers for Federal Teachers Scheme FTS CBT Test (Updated!)

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UBEC past questions and Answers for Federal Teachers Scheme FTS CBT Test We have been getting Numerous messages and calls asking for Ubec, federal teachers scheme recruitment 2020 cbt test past questions and answers and today we have decided to make it public, you must understand this, that anything in this website is free, this past questions other people sale it for 2000 naira only, but we are going to give it out for free.

If you have not registered for ubec/subeb federal teachers scheme recruitment please click here to register


Ubec Federal Teachers Scheme recruitment fts 2020 past questions and subjects to cover for the aptitude test

  • Current affairs
  • logical reasoning test
  • critical thinking tes
  • personality test
  • Diagrammatic and abstract test
  • Numerical test
  • verbal test


You have study some other subjects as well, and while going for your screening exercise dress smartly and be there on time.




1. When was the Universal Basic Education Programme introducing?




A. 1999

B. 1998

C. 1997

D. 1996





2. Reducing school drop-out and improving relevance, quality and efficiency’’ The statement above is classified under UBEC?


A. Slogan

B. Vision

C. Objective

D. Mission




3. What is the full meaning of NPE?


A. National Programme o Education

B. National Policy on Education

C. Nigeria Privatizations of Education

D. National Planning on Education




4. What are the two main categories of funds that SUBEBs access from UBEC?

A. Conditional Grant and Non Conditional Grant

B. Funding Grant and Management Grant

C. Academic Grant and Non Academic Grant

D. Yearly Grant and Periodic Grant




5. UBEC is a                   years basic educational programme?


A. 14

B. 9

C. 10

D. 4


6. The federal agency that manages the affairs of states SUBEB is called?


A. Federal Ministry of Education

B. Federal Universal Basic Education Board

C. National Assembly






7. When was the free Universal Basic Education Act enacted?




A. 2012

B. 2013

C. 2014

D. 2015





8. To be a world class education intervention and regulatory agency for the promotion of uniform, qualitative and functional basic education in Nigeria?


The statement above is UBEC?


A. Vision statement

B. Mission statement

C. Goal

D. Slogan





9. Honesty and Accountability, Integrity and Transparency, Teamwork with Commitment.


The statement above is UBEC?




A. Objective

B. Guideline

C. Mission statement

D. Core value


10. To operate as an intervention, coordinating and monitoring Agency are part of UBEC?


A. Slogan

B. Vision statement

C. Mission statement

D. Core value



11. Who is the current executive secretary of UBEC? A. Dr Hamid Bobboyi

B. Dr D.T Onosode

C. Okoro Ikechukwu

JOBSGIVERS.COMD. Prof. Obayemi James


12. UBEC management team consist of                          personnel?


A. 10

B. 15

C. 17

D. 21





13. Who is the current chairman of UBEC?


A. Dr Danjuma Adamu Dabo B. Dame (Mrs) Confort Iheme C. Dr Sanusi Abdulahi Musa

D. Prof. Adamu Kyuka Usman





14. Comrade Richard Tersoo Mnenga is UBEC Rep                 ?




A. North East

B. North Central

C. North West

D. South West


15. Universal Basic Education Commission is has how many departments?




A. 18

B. 19

C. 20

D. 21








1.  A


2. C


3. B


4. B


5. B


6. D


7. C


8. A


9. D


10. C


11. A


12. C


13. D


14. B


15. B


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