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Npower Batch C: Reasons Why Your NASIMS Profile Changed From Beneficiary To Applicant


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Lots of Npower Batch C Volunteers have been wondering why their Npower NASIMS profile status changed from beneficiary to applicant, please if you are an N-Power Batch C Volunteer and you are faced with this issue, it simply means that your Npower physical verification exercise was not totally completed, this error might emanate from the Npower physical verification officers or the N-Power physical verification officer entering the wrong information into the N-Power database system.

A change from an N-Power beneficiary to an applicant might also result from the Npower Batch C Volunteer not passing the Npower physical verification exercise what do mean by this, it simply means that the required document's checklist was not met by the N-Power Batch C Volunteer, this means that the Npower Batch C Volunteer did not have the necessary documents or was not eligible for the criteria set by the N-Power management team, probably he or she had some discrepancies in his or her documents which was questioned by the N-Power verification officers.

Other reasons why the N-Power status changed from Npower beneficiary to applicant might simply be due to network issues.
All Npower Batch C Volunteer are advised to be on the lookout for the next supplementary Npower physical verification exercise, to complete their Npower physical verification, please if your status displays applicant you might not be paid.

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Guest Dashe Janet Samuel

My physical verification was successful, am confused about the sudden change from BENEFICIARY to APPLICANT because all my documents are link to the once i use for the first registration

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