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“Roll up your car windows to avoid getting robbed in traffic”

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Lagos state Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu has told residents of the state complaining about traffic robbery to “roll up” their car windows while in gridlock.

Sanwo-Olu to Lagosians_ Roll up your car windows to avoid getting robbed in traffic

Sanwo-Olu gave the advise on Arise TV while speaking on the continued deterioration of insecurity across the country.

Lagos is notorious for armed robbery in traffic that sometimes results in the abduction or killing of motorists.

The governor urged Lagos residents ought to be security-conscious and adopt basic strategies to protect themselves, adding that residents should report suspicious movements or strange faces to prevent kidnapping.

“In Lagos, there have been incidents that we have had, and part of the strategy is that all of us need to speak up. See something, say something.

“You are in traffic, roll up your glass if you have to. Make sure that you are not standing by the street side and holding a phone and talking without being security conscious. These are just very simple tips. You don’t enter a strange vehicle,” he said.

Sanwo-Olu explained that his administration was taking steps to improve Lagos’ security infrastructure.


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