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Travelers On Tegina-Zugero Highway In Niger Flee During Bandit Attack (Video)

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The highway leading to the Islamiyya school in Tegina Rafi LGA, Niger where over 200 students were kidnapped... Footage showing Armed Bandits chasing residents.




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    • By Envy
      Kidnapping, banditry sparked a protest in Zamfara earlier today. See thread 
      Addressing a press conference on April 2, the Commissioner of Information in Zamfara, Ibrahim Dosara, revealed that no fewer than 2,619 people were killed in the state between 2011 and 2019
      He added that bandits abducted 1,190 people from various parts of Zamfara in the last eight years, and over 100,000 people were displaced from their ancestral homes as a result of bandits’ activities, while 14,378 livestock were rustled within the period.
      Dosara noted that the Zamfara State government has spent the sum of N970 million on payment of ransom to bandits to secure the release of kidnapped victims since 2011.
      He lamented that there were more than 100 different camps and over 30,000 bandits operating across Zamfara and beyond, but the state government would continue with its amnesty programme for bandits as part of measures to secure its people.
    • By Envy
      Governor Hope Uzodinma has described the murder of APC chieftain, Ahmed Gulak as a clear case of 'Political Assassination'.

      The governor made this comment during a Press Conference on the unfortunate incident on Monday. Uzodinma expressed deep sadness over the occurrence adding that the late Gulak was a close friend.
      "It is with a very heavy heart that I address you today. The pain of losing a person or loved one, the horror of holding your family member in his or her final moments, the anger of someone being so reckless, so thoughtless that their bullet destroyed your life, are emotions no individual should ever have to endure."
      "I sympathize with the families of those who lost their lives through stray bullets during thi s period. As you know, the death of anyone diminishes mankind. But the brutal and callous assassination of Alhaji Ahmed Gulak yesterday, Sunday, May 30th, 2021 on his way to the Sam Mbakwe Cargo Airport, is painful because he did not deserve to die that way."
      "The death of this compatriot is a personal loss to me because he was an invaluable friend and brother whose sense of justice, fairness and uprightness endeared him to me."
      He disclosed that Gulak was on an official assignment in Imo state.
      "Alhaji Ahmed Gulak was in Imo State for a national assignment. He came to Owerri with the Senate Committee on Constitutional Amendment. Being a humble man, he chose to travel incognito according to his friend who was with him. Someone must have trailed him from the hotel to the airport. That is exactly why his gruesome murder appears to be a clear case of political assassination."
      "According to reports by the police, he was shot in cold blood and the assailants did not remove a pin from him. It is most benumbing that people chose to waste such an innocent blood in such a dastardly and cowardly manner."
      He vowed that those responsible for Gulak's death will definitely be brought to book. Uzodinma also revealed that his convoy was never attacked.
      "Finally, let me also clarify the story trending on the social media platforms, that my convoy was attacked, my convoy was never attacked. That is the wish of those who murdered Gulak," he said.
    • By Envy
      Press Statement
      PDP Insists APC is Responsible for Killings in Nigeria…Berates APC For Seeking To Politicize Gulak’s Murder
      The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) stands by its findings and declaration that the All Progressives Congress (APC) and its leaders are responsible for the killings, bloodletting and acts of terrorism in our country.
      The PDP asserts that the resort to blackmail, threats and attack on the PDP and other well-meaning Nigerians as witnessed in APC’ statement today, in which it attempted to trivialize, politicize and dismiss the alarming violence in the country, cannot deter the PDP from further exposing the atrocities of the APC and its leaders.
      Our party insists that every material evidence shows that the APC and its leaders are implementing their supporter of APC agenda to balkanize and destroy our nation through their unholy body language, divisive policies, violent acts, abuse of human rights, disregard to our national sensibilities and shameful patronizing of terrorists and bandits, which have led to widespread killings, violence and dissonances across our nation.
      The APC and its administration have become sanctuaries of known and self-confessed terrorism apologists and individuals known to openly romance with bandits and terrorists.
      The APC and its government would rather blame victims of violence instead of going after the assailants and bringing them to book as witnessed in the case of the 43 rice farmer killed by terrorists in Borno as well as the murder of the former political adviser to erstwhile President Goodluck Joanthan, Barr. Ahmed Gulak.
      Our party sternly berates the national leadership of the APC for seeking, in its press statement today, to politicize the gruesome murder of a prominent Nigerian like Ahmed Gulak, an incident that happened in a state under its control, instead of forcefully condemning that act and giving its government a definite marching order to bring the culprits to book.
      Nigerians are still expecting some explanations from the APC and its government over that gruesome murder in Ngor Okpalla.
      It is rather absurd and a mark of leadership failure that the APC is attacking the PDP for exposing its failures and complicity in the violence and killings in our country but has failed to provide answers to revelations that many of the bandits, terrorists and kidnappers ravaging our nation are political mercenaries it imported, as criminal thugs, to assist it to unleash violence on Nigerians during elections.
      These APC mercenaries, having no stake in our national life, are now killing and maiming Nigerians and turning their evil enterprise, emboldened by the APC, into a lucrative venture by extorting money through huge ransoms.
      Of course, it is no longer news that parents of kidnapped students of Greenfield University Kaduna paid N180 million and motorcycles to the abductor to secure the release of their children and wards. Just on the heels of the release of the university students, over 200 students were abducted from another school in Tegina, Niger state.
      We challenge APC to come clean on the connection of its leaders with these bandits as well as why it has never raised a strong voice against the incessant mass abduction of students in various parts of the country.
      Our party wants the APC and its leaders to know that they must answer for their atrocities and that this resort to blackmails, threats and distortion of facts will not sway Nigerians.
      Let it be known to them that surely, they will account for all the blood they have spilled.
      Kola Ologbondiyan
      National Publicity Secretary
    • By Envy
      A Nigerian Air Force ATR 42 aircraft heading for Owerri, Imo State, to aid military operations in the South-East region, crash-landed in Akure, the Ondo State capital, SaharaReporters has gathered.
      SaharaReporters learnt from top NAF sources that the crash-landing of the ATR 42 occurred about two weeks ago – a week before the late Chief of the Army Staff, Lt Gen Ibrahim Attahiru, died in a similar NAF jet crash in Kaduna State.
      It was gathered that military authorities covered up the incident and failed to make it public to avoid national embarrassment.
      Top sources released the photograph of the ill-fated ATR 42 to SaharaReporters, adding that the aircraft was conveying some Special Forces personnel to Imo State, some of whom were reportedly injured after the crash.
      But there was no casualty according to sources, which made it easier for the NAF authorities to be silent on the incident.
      “It was an ATR 42 and we were going to Imo State. The aircraft crashed-landed the next day; the authorities are hiding the incident. The crash occurred in the morning. It was a solely military affair and they prevented anyone of us from taking photographs of the incident.
      “It crash-landed at the Akure airport two weeks ago but they hid it. About 15 to 20 personnel were on board to the South-East.”
      In about three months, the NAF jets have crashed in the North-Central, North-East, Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, and now South-West regions, raising fears about the maintenance culture of the military aircrafts.
      SaharaReporters last Friday reported that the families of two Nigerian Air Force pilots – Flight Lieutenant John Abolarinwa and Flight Lieutenant Ebiakpo Chapele – are still in the dark about their loved ones onboard an Alpha Jet which went missing since March 31.
      The NAF has yet to provide an update on the location of the missing Alpha Jet NAF 475 which believably crashed on March 30 in Borno State as well as on the bodies of the late pilots, giving the families a great concern.
      “The families are in distress. Nobody is talking about the two pilots on the Alpha Jet. The NAF’s investigation is taking forever. Now that another crash of bigger national importance has happened, the authorities may not even revert to the missing jet in Borno State, so as not to put up too many negativities into the public domain,” a source had said.
      The fighter jet went missing on Wednesday, March 30, around 5pm, amidst fears that it might have been captured or shot down by the Boko Haram terrorists.
      The Alpha Jet, a light attack jet and advanced jet trainer aircraft, has played a significant role in Nigeria’s counter-insurgency campaign in the North-East theatre of operation.
      It was acquired by NAF in 2014 from the United States of America air force.
      The last update the NAF gave was on April 2, when the NAF authorities said that intelligence gathered so far indicated that the jet might have crashed although it had yet to know the whereabouts of the jet or the two pilots on board.
      Military sources had said at that time that the jet crashed in the Konduga Local Government Area of Borno State, although the NAF did not confirm the location.
      It will be recalled that in February 2021, a NAF Beechcraft King Air 350i Surveillance Aircraft also crashed in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory.
      The outcome of NAF’s supposed investigations into the crash had yet to be made public.
    • By Envy
      The moment a truck loaded with bags of onions was hijacked and looted in Imo state.
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