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  1. A lot of N-Power Batch C applicants have been in a state of confusion, most N-Power Batch C applicants feel the biometric enrollment which they did was N-Power physical verification, please I repeat the N-Power physical verification is not the N-Power biometric enrollment, and it is totally different. During the N-Power physical verification which is yet to begin, all successful N-Power Batch C applicants will be contacted, and you will be required to take all your documents both original and copies you uploaded on the NASIMS N-Power portal to the Screening Location/venue, this would be communicated individually to successful N-Power Batch C applicants, during the day of the physical verification, verification officers will have their checklist, which they will mark as they sight the N-Power Batch C applicants' documents, you will need to have 100% on the checklist in order to pass the physical verification, after the physical verification, a list of successful N-Power Batch C applicants will be compiled and sent to respective state Focal Persons which will in turn be forwarded to respective local government areas.
  2. A lot of signatures and tributes have started coming in as volunteers of the Npower Batch A and B are saying “thank you” to the Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbanjo, the initiator of the Npower program In 2016, the vice president, Prof. Yemi Osinbanjo made a remarkable and decision and brought up the Npower program, empowering more than 500,000 Young minds in the country One million young Nigerians are on the pipe to benefit from the program, the Npower beneficiaries have declared Prof. Yemi Osinbanjo as the “Hero of the Year” Npower 500,000 Nigerians in 2016 and 2017, with one million coming in 2021, the program will be the largest empowerment program in the country and one of the largest in the continent- A volunteer of the program added Npower Better Future Campaign declared the vice president, Prof. Yemi Osinbanjo, as the “Hero of the Year”, signifying a “super champion among many leaders in the country” To this end, we are sending 1,000,000 signatures to applaud the Vice President even as spearhead the NEXIT CBN loan strategies, which will Further Npower the disengaged Volunteers You can drop your signature by commenting on the space box, with the # tag to thank the Vice President and always calling him to help in speeding up the execution and implementation of the Net stage of the NEXIT CBN loan package Your Signature and vote of thanks can go a long way in encouraging the vice president to Fastrack the NEXIT CBN loan package
  3. The Federal Government through the office of the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management, and Social Development, and in partnership with the Central Bank of Nigeria is planning to disburse a massive loan package to a hundred of thousands of Nigerians Youths This will be the largest loan program in Youth Empowerment in the continent of Africa, the Buhari-led government has been mute lately with the NExit CBN loan program, this is because funds are being secured and implementation strategies are carefully being planned “No government in our recent history has invested as heavily as we are doing to lift 100M Nigerians out of poverty through the provision of loans and several other forms of support”-Mr. Buhari in line with the presidential promises to lift 100M Nigerians out of poverty, Fg is set to deliver one of the largest loan programs to support young minds in businesses, via the provision of soft loans for businesses The Federal Government has repeatedly begged Npower disengaged volunteers to remain patient and hopeful as the plans are underway to deliver Nexit CBN loan offer in a dynamic way In UMAR SAIDYA precise words “all exited beneficiaries are advised to exercise more patience and await the result of the efforts being made by the Honorable Minister who is currently engaging various MDAs including the CBN and the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to ensure that the eligible exited beneficiaries are transited to government programs or even employment where available More Patience is to be exercised to successfully deliver Volunteers into MDAs, Sadiya Umar Farouq blamed improper arrangements at the commencement of the program to place exited volunteers after two years by the Ministry” A malicious rumor circulating around the internet, doubting the authenticity of the Federal Government Loan Programme should be ignored This is to bring to the notice of all Exited Npower volunteers, to disregard rumors discouraging you from registering and showing interest in the CBN loan program The Nexit-Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) loan package is real and will come soon, the Federal Government has continuously encouraged volunteers to exercise patience, registration for the loan program has stopped and preparation for a second stage is on the pipe Hitches experience during last registration will soon be put to final rest as staff are on the ground to address all irregularities, currently, a secured site to register volunteers who could not register for the Nexit CBN package is on. All batch A and B volunteers who did not register for the Loan Programme is to do so now- See Link for registration The Buhari-led administration is methodically addressing poverty and wealth creation through many loan programs, the Exit is one of them. Volunteers are advised to key in The government Loan Programme is always prolonged with delays and hitches, which is fairly normal in the Nigerian situation, the data needed to process some programs needed to be prepared and worked on Volunteers having login and email related challenges and issues are advised to send their information with immediate effect and wait for a response as registration is still ongoing-NSIP update@n-sip.gov.ng or volunteersupport@npvn.ng or support@n-sip.gov.ng Some Government Loan Programme Currently Ongoing “The federal government FINTECH created an enabling environment for the growth of businesses that use technology to enhance or automate financial services and processes” “The FARMERMONI, TRADERMONI and MARKETMONI that have engaged over two million farmers, traders, mostly youths were empowered under” “The Digital Youth Nigeria was also initiated to implement skill acquisition programs for poverty alleviation and employment generation, over 100,000 youths across the country benefitted from Mobile Service Repair Training with financial and technical assistance” “Over 500,000 youths have also benefited from the Graduate Internship Scheme, which provides short-term employment to graduates. 1000 farmers from each of the 774 LGAs in the country were empowered and guided under the Youth Entrepreneurship Support program” “The Entrepreneurship Training Programme ensures MSMEs are equipped with skills and access to credit, while Digital Youth Nigeria focusses on positioning youth for revenue jobs opportunities tapping into the global tech market” “75B naira Nigerian Youth Investment Fund (NYIF), The Survival Fund, Loan from NIRSAL National Microfinance Bank (NNMFB)” “CNB Loan, SMSEME Fund, Agri-Business/Small and Medium Enterprise Investment Scheme CBN’s AGSMEIS Loan, etc are some packages' government boasting employment “ “1,000,000 incoming Batch C of the Npower program, they will be onboarded in two batches (stream 1 and 2) ”
  4. There are high hopes for the deployment of Npower batch C stream one on or before September, as government schools resume for first-term academic work. Since schools will resume fully for the first term, NASIMS will do all it takes to follow the academic calendar of schools, hence deploying batch C stream one to their respective Place OF Primary Assignment It is worthy to mention that majority of the Batch C applicants belong to the N-Teach category and will be deployed to government schools To this end, physical verification will take place before deployment, all applicants are expected to be at alert as the months of August and September are fully pregnant and heavy-laden
  5. We all know the valid means of identification when it comes to any Federal Government physical screening or Verification is the driver's licence, voter's card, National ID card, and the International passport. However if an N-Power Batch C applicant encounters an error in the date of birth on his or her National ID card and the N-Power Batch C applicant is worried about the effect this error would have on his or her success on the N-Power physical verification, the N-Power Batch C applicant should cast his or her fear aside. This issue can be fixed by presenting another means of identification, either the biodata page of an international passport, voters card, or an N-Power Batch C applicant can quickly do a cheap drivers licence at any of the local government before the N-Power physical verification commences.
  6. There is an N-EXIT form online and in circulation for N-Power batches A and B exited volunteers who missed out on the previous N-Power N-EXIT registration, please this form is not genuine please be advised. The Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs have not released any recent updates on N-EXIT, besides the ministry for Humanitarian Affairs will do not use this website https://creatorapp.zohopublic.com as displayed on the form, the official N-EXIT portal is https://nexit-fmhds.cbn.gov.ng/ which is currently under maintenance, please all N-Power Batch A and B exited volunteers should be vigilant to online scammers looking for who to defraud.
  7. Most N-Power Batch C applicants might have erroneously filled in a wrong bank account name, with a correct bank account number, or a correct bank account name, with a wrong account number, for instance an N-Power Batch C applicant might fill in Fidelity Bank FBN instead of First Bank of Nigeria FBN. Please if you are in this category, simply log-in to your N-Power NASIMS portal and attempt to edit it, to the correct information, if the challenge persists, simply contact N-Power NASIMS self service portal and explain your issues briefly, NASIMS N-Power Self Service Portal might not respond to your case, if your write-up or complaint is too long, just go straight to the point and avoid lengthy details.
  8. All N-Power Batch C applicants that checked their email or N-Power NASIMS portal recently and received the congratulatory message can still go ahead to complete their N-Power NASIMS biometric fingerprint enrollment, as the N-Power NASIMS management have not disclosed any closing date yet. Would advise an N-Power Batch C applicant that recently realised that he or she has been shortlisted to please hurry up and complete his or her N-Power NASIMS biometrics.
  9. Most N-Power Batch C applicants have been wondering if it is compulsory to upload all their documents under the "other documents" field, please uploading other documents on this field is not compulsory, and will not affect your physical screening, most times other documents are not asterisked what I mean is that it is not necessary, most times it is just to upload other documents not highlighted on the N-Power NASIMS portal which an N-Power Batch C applicant might want to add.
  10. There is news making rounds from Realtrify, urging exited N-Power Batch A and B Volunteers to participate in a certain N-EXIT program, please this information is not authenticate, as the N-Power management are on the process of implementing the N-Power N-EXIT program. In addition to this, if you look at the statement it is generic "Dear Oyo Volunteer" N-Power do not make a generic statement when sending messages to a particular N-Power Volunteer, they mention the N-Power Volunteer's name. All N-Power Batches A and B Volunteers are therefore implored to be vigilant and cautious in order not to fall victims of fraudsters who are continuously looking for gullible N-Power volunteers to defraud.
  11. If an N-Power Batch C applicant's local government area does not match the N-Power Batch C applicant's residential address, the N-Power Batch C applicant should only edit the residential address to match the local government area, and ensure all utility bills and documents reflects the updated address. At this stage it is extremely risky altering the local government area, your residential address can be edited but changing your local government area at this point is not advisable.
  12. Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Hajia Sadiya Umar Farouq, has cautioned Nigerians to stop the blame game and take up the challenges of building a virile nation for the younger generation. She stated this on Saturday at the distribution of engagement letters and tablets to 60 trained independent monitors of National Social Investment Project in Gombe. She was represented at the event by her technical adviser and team leader for North East, Group Captain Sadiq Shehu (retired). She stated that it has become necessary for every Nigerian to take up the responsibility of failure or success at the micro leadership level rather than passing it to the governor of a state or president. The Minister stated that the moment Nigerians begin to succeed in their small leadership role, the better for the country. “Sometimes we are our greatest enemies. The President cannot be in every village to ensure that the pupils in schools get the school feeding; the minister for Humanitarian Affairs cannot do that, even I in my small capacity cannot do it. “So what we do is to find people within the communities and saddle them with the responsibility of monitoring the programmes. Therefore if any community fails to get their own share of the Federal Government initiatives, it’s the fault of the local monitor who is part of that Community. “So I am calling on them not to collude with anyone to sabotage the programme. Any provider of food or services that does not perform will be removed based on the report of these monitors. But there is always the possibility of finding someone colluding down the line. “So we tell them this is their own chance of also being the president in their small environment. Therefore, they should not abuse the trust reposed in them.”
  13. As we speak the N-Power physical verification will commence soon, quite a lot of N-Power Batch C applicants might not really know the venue where the N-Power physical verification will take place. All N-Power physical verification will take place at various NOA (National Orientation Agency) Centers across all 774 local government in the entire Federation, all local government areas have their NOA offices and this is where the N-Power physical verification will take place. Alternatively your place of primary assignment, that is your district might also conduct physical screening as well, but this is just to verify your credentials and might not be thorough as the NOA physical verification exercise.
  14. In today’s latest Npower news, Npower responded to a question a prospective Nexit beneficiary asked stating that applicants of the Nexit Scheme have not been forgotten. See the conversation between the Npower team and the Nexit applicant below: The Prospective Nexit applicant asked! And Npower responded Thus: This may also interest you Why Delay In Npower And, Nexit May Not Be Political A few months ago, the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs in partnership with CBN launched Empowerment opportunities for the exited Npower batches A and B to access their exit package, but nothing has been said since the closure of the application portal regarding the Commencement Date for the Programme. Although, this response from Npower will certainly encourage the exited Npower volunteers to keep hope alive. We can only hope for the best!
  15. Npower has reacted to a proposal raised by a prospective Npower beneficiary regarding the Npower batch C stipend payment. The prospective Npower Volunteer suggested that since batch C tenor is only a year, Npower should increase their stipends to Sixty thousand naira so that they will be able to save up something at the end of the program. Npower responded Thus:
  16. Here Are What Sadiya Umar Farouq the Minister of Humanitarian affairs was Up to Last Week 1) On Tuesday Alhaji Bello Muhammad Matawalle Executive Governor of Zamfara decamped to our great party, the All Progressive Congress (APC). She was among dignitaries who gave him a rousing welcome to the fold. 2) On Wednesday, she took time out to flag off the distribution of engagement letters and tablets at the onboarding of Independent monitors in my home state of Zamfara. This may also interest you Today’s Latest AFJP Farmers Questions And Answers 3) As she has noted over time, the onboarding of Independent monitors is in full alignment with their M&E self-accountability mandate. 4) In my comments I took time, as always, to remind them of their core mandate encapsulated in their scope of work, the Minister said. a. Routine Monitoring of all programmes under the (NSIP) in their assigned LGA. b. Provision of an evidence-based report on findings in the field. c. Submission of various categories of reports by the set timelines. d. Attending all training and meetings as required by #EMHDSD e. Other duties that may be assigned by the Ministry. 5) On the same Wednesday she attended the National Home Grown School Feeding Programme (NHGSFP) stakeholders’ meeting on the enumeration of beneficiaries and scaling up of the NGHFP. 6) The (NHGSFP) is among the 4 unique cluster programmes under the National Social Investment Programmes (NSIP) of the President Muhammadu Buhari administration. You may want to also read Why Delay In Npower And Nexit May Not Be Political 7) Following the enumeration and scaling up of beneficiaries, the NHGSFP will now impact over 9 million pupils who will benefit from 17 free nutritious meals a day during school term nationwide, and we now have the mandate to reach an additional 5 million pupils by 2023. 😎 With over 100,000 cooks employed, & more than 1 smallholder holder farmer participating in the value chain, the NHGSFP has serious potential for socio-economic development. 9) And as I noted at the meeting, programmes such as the NHGSFP need to be supported, strengthened, scaled u,p and sustained nationwide, she said. Have a great week, she said
  17. The attention of Npower has been drawn to a fake advertorial/website purportedly published by various individuals concerning the Npower physical verification. The report reads below: https://web.facebook.com/npowerng/posts/1070005513406257
  18. A lot of N-Power Batch C applicants have been asking with regard to how many times an N-Power Batch C Volunteer is expected to be at his or her Place of Primary Assignment in a week or month. The write-up below answers this question, but I repeat all N-Power Batch C Volunteers must adopt this with great caution, due to the preying eyes of the N-Power independent monitors, because if the N-Power independent monitors comes to your place of primary assignment and find an N-Power Batch C applicant absent without any clear reasons, this might lead to forceful disengagement or exit of the N-Power Batch C Volunteer from the N-Power program. If an N-Power Batch C Volunteer is posted to a primary school, the N-Power Batch C Volunteer have do be at his or her place of primary assignment daily, if an N-Power Batch C applicant is deployed to a secondary school the N-Power Batch C volunteer have to be at his or her place of primary assignment at least three times in a week, if an N-Power Batch C applicant is posted to an Agricultural Agency that is for N-Agro, the N-Power Batch C Volunteer have to be present at his or her place of primary assignment at least once a week and submit your report weekly.
  19. In today’s latest Npower news – we will be talking about the Top 3 Ways Npower Programme has Improved its Volunteers. So sit back relax and read the discussion below: 1) Skills Development: The Npower Programme has helped volunteers discover new ways of doing things. The Programme has paved ways, career paths for Beneficiaries by helping them acquire skills. You may want to also check PPA Where Npower Batch C Volunteers Will Be Deployed To 2) Networking: The Npower Programme has helped the vibrant Nigerian Youths connect on a different level. It has unified the youth across the country, from the south to the Northern part of Nigeria. The Npower Programme is the only programme that has linked the Youths together to serve one purpose. 3) Work experience: The Programme has helped its volunteers upgrade their portfolio by engaging them as teachers, tax officers, Agriculture and health extension workers thereby providing them with the job experience that they might not get ordinary without the Programme. This may also interest you Five Ways To Let Npower Enhancement Pass Through You If you are reading the post and was a beneficiary of Npower, please tell us via the comment section how the Npower programme has improved you. Under the Batches A and B N-Power Programme, over 500,000 unemployed youths have been given income-generating opportunities. The Batch C of the N-Power Programme is also set to kick off across the nation. Source: Npower Discussion Group
  20. Please there is news in circulation that some N-Power Batch C applicants in Benue State were told to pay ₦100 for physical verification, please this information is not true. N-Power Verification officers will not charge any N-Power Batch C applicant any sum for physical verification, as physical verification is free of charge. As we speak the N-Power Batch C physical verification is yet to commence, please N-Power Batch C applicants should not become a prey to these fraudsters.
  21. In today’s latest Npower news – we are going to be discussing the type of resignation in the Npower Programme and why it is important that you should know them. So let go straight to the point. What is Npower Resignation? Npower Resignation is the process whereby a Npower volunteer dropped off the Npower programme due to one reason or the other which will be covered in this article so read on. Types of Npower Resignation There are two types of Npower Resignation which are as follows: 1. Voluntary Resignation 2. Forcefully Resignation This may also interest you Things You Must Do While Serving As Npower Volunteer 1) Voluntary Resignation – is the process whereby a Npower volunteer willingly decided to resign from the Npower programme because he or she has gotten a better job offer somewhere and then decided to resign to avoid anything that will affect his records. How To Resign From Npower Voluntary: There are 3 Ways to voluntary resign from Npower Programme: i. You can willingly resign from Npower by writing a letter of resignation to Npower via your state focal person ii. You can also resign via the Npower volunteers portal by filling a resignation form. iii. You can reach Npower support team via their contact channels or Nasims self service portal requesting for resignation. You may also want to read Why You Should Know Your State Focal Person As A Npower Beneficiary 2) Forcefully Resignation: Forcefully Resignation is the process where by an Npower volunteers is disengaged from the programme because he or she was reported to have broken Npower rules for instance, absconding from PPA, gainfully employed elsewhere but still benefiting from Npower Programme which is meant for the unemployed. So to avoid forcefully resignation as an Npower volunteers, you should endeavor to avoid this What Can Lead To A Npower Volunteer Disengagement After Deployment
  22. The Npower Programme is not a permanent job, it an Empowerment Programme meant to train, engage the youth to acquire the necessary skills to be employable or become an entrepreneur. In other words, beneficiaries are selected to acquire the work experience needed to help them to become employers or employees. As such, you must not relent in your quest in becoming self-reliant by sourcing for other information that can open opportunities doors for you while serving as a Npower Volunteer. You may also want to check PPA Where Npower Batch C Volunteers Will Be Deployed To While you remain focused at the place of your primary assignment, you should not stop applying for other jobs in your spare time within the one-year period that you will be serving as Npower Volunteers. You should be able to do that smartly to avoid absconding from work. I can vividly remember a live chat between one of the Npower bosses and the Npower batch A and B Volunteers in 2019, where he encourages the Npower Volunteers to take time out of their busy schedule to attend job interviews but should make sure that doing that should not put them into a problem at their PPA. Listing to the Audio chat below: He said as an NPower volunteer, you should Tour the part of personal development beyond Npower or government jobs and create an account in LinkedIn and include Npower in your profile to Network, connect with industry professionals.
  23. According to N-Power (NASIMS) there is no fixed date yet for N-Power physical verification and deployment, but the N-Power physical verification/deployment exercise will commence soon. All N-Power Batch C applicants will be communicated to through emails or SMS once a date is fixed. So all shortlisted N-Power Batch C applicants should exercise patience and keep checking their emails and text messages including their N-Power NASIMS portal for updates and further directives.
  24. Here are a few reasons why N-Power Batch C applicants should not be in a hurry to rush to their Local Government Area (LGA): 1) Dispatching the N-Power deployment list to N-Power Focal Persons does not mean that the N-Power physical verification will commence immediately. 2) The N-Power deployment list have to be printed. 3) The N-Power deployment list has to be pasted on all Local Government Areas 4) Shortlisted N-Power Batch C applicants have to receive invitational messages or emails to come and check their names on the list. 5) If the N-Power Batch C applicant is Successful, the Shortlisted N-Power Batch C applicant will then proceed for the N-Power physical verification as planned by the NOA/District HR/Local Government Officers in your state.
  25. In today’s latest Npower news – we will be sharing more light on the places of Primary Assignment (PPA) Where Npower Batch C Volunteers Will Be Deployed To. So read on! In accordance with the settings of the Npower Programme, Npower Volunteers are normally sent to primary and secondary schools, medical centers, and farming areas near their local government addresses as their PPA. So we believe the Npower batch C beneficiaries will be sent to These places to serve except if there are changes in the program. This may also interest you Npower Physical Verification News – Why You Must Remain Calm Below is a detailed breakdown of Npower PPA deployment: 1) N-Teach – Those in Npower Teach will be sent to Primary and Secondary Schools in their local government areas and will be under State Education Department. 2) N-Health – Those in Npower Health will be sent to Government Health centers in their local governments, under state health officials. 3) N-Ageo – As a Npower Agro beneficiary, you will be sent to the agricultural ministry in your local governments, under the state Agriculture Development Agency. 4) Other Npower small groups in the non-graduate category like N-tech, N-Creative, etc. They will be engaged, trained on different skills as applicable for 3 – 6. months. And will be paid N10, 000 as their monthly allowance, etc. This may also interest you Why You Should Know Your State Focal Person As A Npower Beneficiary The intention of sending Npower applicants to do physical verification in their LGA of residence is to ascertain the qualified Applicants to be deployed to their PPA. After physical verification, letters will be presented to those who succeed, and the information given to NASIMS through the state NSIP offices. The Successfully deployed Npower batch C beneficiaries may be asked to upload their deployment letter signed by the head of the PPA where they are deployed to on their Nasims portal profile.
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