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1. Do not flood - then we write comments that are normal in meaning. 
2. We do not discuss the portal on the portal - it means that we don’t write that they say “Hyde is big, I so wanted this template or module” . 
3. Do not add empty news - then the news should be added in accordance with the rules of the posting . 
4. It is forbidden to curse and insult * five users of the site. 
5. It is forbidden to give a link from under the haida or ask the author to lower it. 
6. Do not post on other sites or sites that are on this site under the parameters of Hyde.
7. If you made a mistake, duplicated the message, sent a random answer to the wrong place, then leave everything as it is. Moderator will understand and then clean. Do not write new messages with comments of their mistakes, especially messages with apologies. 
8. It is forbidden to use more than 70 percent of CAPITAL LETTERS in the message . 
9. Sell someone else (baryzhnichestvo). 
10. It is forbidden to use website addresses or an obscene language in a nickname. 
11. It is forbidden to publish meaningless comments in the style: please update the links do not work. For this there is a button: UPDATE! Penalties: §1. Failure to comply with the rule number 1 - the punishment "Ban for a day."




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