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I can heal Ada Jesus, I warned her – Popular herbalist reveals


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A popular Nigerian herbalist identified as Ohiku herbals has waded into the trending story of female actress and comedian Ada Jesus health condition.

I can heal Ada Jesus, I warned her – Popular herbalist reveals

A popular Nigerian actress and comedienne, Ada Jesus has gone viral in a few hours after her current health condition was shared on the internet with her photos. The actress born Mercy Mmesomma Obi who has been down with illness together with friends and family has resorted to social media for prayers and help from fans and well-wishers.

A close friend of the actress, Ella Ada took to her Facebook page to make the health condition of the actress public. Her friend is also trying to solicit funds and support from the public. According to the friend, Ada Jesus has been down with a Kidney problem and has been admitted to a hospital for treatment.

However, it has been revealed that Ada Jesus has spoken against a traditional deity that is believed to be the cause of the illness. Ada Jesus has been advised to go to Chi Marine temple to plead for forgiveness from the deity.

A popular herbalist, Sabdat Peters also known as “Ohiku Herbals” has reacted to the health condition of the actress and has offered to help. According to the herbalist she warned Ada Jesus in the past to stay away from spiritual issues but she paid no heed to him.

She has also assured that he will heal Ada Jesus if she is brought to him.

“I have personally warned ADA several times in the past! I can heal her and I will! So help me God. I have said it times without a number. Stop insulting what you don’t understand, stop fighting for God cos God no send you a message. Stop judging what you don’t understand……” he said on Instagram.


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