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How To Locate Your Npower State Focal Person


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How To Locate Your Npower State Focal Person


In today’s latest Npower news, we will be talking about How To Locate Your Npower State Focal Person, and their contact because they are part of the deployment process.

So read on!

Recalled that in our previous update, we told you why it is important to know your state focal person, some took the update seriously while some did not. You can still read the update here Why You Should Know Your State Focal Person As A Npower Beneficiary.


Though this post is focusing on how to meet your Npower state focal person, it is also important to know why they are important to your deployment completion.


The NSIP/Npower State focal person played a vital role in the ongoing Npower batch C stream 2 postings. They were in charge of the posting because it was done manually and then sent to Npower management for deployment which you can find on your Nasims portal self-service dashboard.


One of the important things about the Npower state Focal Person in this deployment exercise is that before the Npower beneficiaries complete the 6 Steps in deployment completion which you can read here Npower Release 6 Steps Batch C2 Beneficiaries Must Follow To Complete Deployment, you must locate your state focal person for a stamp approval.


That brings us to the discussion on how to locate your state Npower focal person. You might see some Npower state Focal Person phone contact numbers online but no longer functioning because some of the state focal persons were replaced by new ones.


So to locate your Npower state focal person, kindly follow the instructions below. This can be done collectively by Npower beneficiaries in a given LGA!


1) You can locate your Npower state Focal Person in the NSIP office in your State. Some of the State NSIP offices have a social media handle! You can chat with them via their channel but make sure you are chatting with the authentic handle.


2) You might be called for a meet-up by your State Focal Person in your LGA regarding posting


3) Supervisors from the NSIP office can help you locate your Npower state Focal Person and sometimes the stamping might be done by them.


For Now, no numbers have been given to reach the Npower focal person, until Npower/Nasims decided to do so. You can however take the number (1) step above to locate your FP.


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