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Woman arrested with human skull in Edo

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A woman found in possession of a human skull has been arrested by the police in Edo State.

The police spokesperson in the state, Kontongs Bello, disclosed this on Thursday in Benin City, while briefing reporters on the activities of the command within the last two weeks.

Mr Bello, a superintendent of police, said the police in the state have arrested 16 suspects of various crimes within the period.

The woman caught with a human skull is a divorcee and a mother of four children. She claimed to be a dealer in “traditional items”.

She said she bought the skull at N8,000 from a cemetery attendant and sold it at N40,000 to a male suspect who approached her for it.

She said that the man gave her an additional N5,000 for a job well done.

The transaction took place in February. The police arrested the man in May, according to her.

The woman advised other women not to get involved in the sales of human parts, no matter the financial gains. It is evil, she said.

The man, an operator of heavy-duty machines, told the police an herbalist asked him to get the skull for a get-rich-quickly ritual.

The police have also arrested the herbalist, a 42-old man.

He corroborated the claims that the skull was for ritual, saying the man initially wanted a “spiritual soap” from him.

They used the skull in performing the ritual, he said.

The Commissioner of Police in Edo, Abutu Yaro, assured residents of the state that the police would not allow criminals to take over the state.

The police would do their best to protect the lives and property of the residents, he said.


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